"When I came to see Jaime I had just been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. I felt hopeless, scared and very, very sick. I also suffered from depression, anxiety and a whole lot more. I'm encouraged by Jaime and feel hope again. She has been there for me both emotionally and with my health. I'm excited about moving forward and never again taking for granted my health. Jaime has a genuine love for people and their health. I so love that I'm not just a number to her. She has helped me restore my health and keeps encouraging me always. I would highly recommend seeing her for any health issues you have or might be concerned about. She will help you get to the bottom of it and walk with you on your journey to good health and wellness."
-- April C., Chandler, AZ
"My health has been improving as I have been working with Jaime. Jaime has also recommended holistic practitioners who are knowledgeable about my special health issues. It is a pleasure to work with Jaime because she is so caring and pleasant."
-- Carmen D., Scottsdale, AZ
"Before working with Jaime I was not feeling good after I ate. I was always sleepy, my joints ached, I had bad headaches, and bloating. I have struggled with IBS for many years. After working with Jaime I don't feel tired after eating food anymore, pain in my joints is gone, my IBS went away, I am no longer struggling with headaches, and my period symptoms also went away. Jaime has helped change my eating issues that I have been dealing with for many years. I have learned how to avoid certain foods that trigger my body's reaction. Jaime listens to you and wants to see you succeed. She doesn't push anything on you and she makes you feel comfortable. Jaime is great with accountability and can make sure you stay on track. Jaime is great with teaching you everything you need to know about what you are dealing with. She gives you the confidence to keep going and is there when you need her. I highly recommend Jaime!"
-- Seren M., Chandler, AZ
"Since working with Jaime I've had less sugar cravings, brain fog has diminished a HUGE amount! I am also able to lose weight and have extra energy and not as tired as I used to be. My body and mind are being cleaned up from the inside out. By working with you, Jaime, you've been my cheerleader and helped me regain my love for cooking. I appreciate you holding me accountable and helping me along the way. And now my husband and granddaughter are eating healthier, too!" 
-- Denise C.B., Mesa, AZ
"Jaime, Thank you very much for speaking at our meeting tonight and sharing your knoweldge with us. We really appreciate it! Your presentation was awesome! Thank you!"
-- Celiac Disease Foundation, Arizona Chapter
"Jaime is amazing! She is so supportive and there for you when you need answers. She is sweet and truly knowledgeable. I've learned so much from her and feel so much better since I started seeing her. When I started working with Jaime I had stomach issues and regular headaches. I am now exercising more, I am completely gluten-free and I am working on becoming dairy-free. The headaches are gone and my stomach issues are completely resolved. I would highly recommend Jaime! She's the best!!!"
-- Kelly T., Gilbert, AZ
"Before I started working with Jaime I was suffering from pain due to my Crohn's Disease. After just a few months working with Jaime I am now pain free which was aided by her guidance. Jaime is a very caring and compassionate professional. She is very knowledgable and easy to work with. She works at your pace and is very accommodating to busy schedules. I would highly recommend her!"
-- Natalie N., Chicago, IL
"Thank you, Jaime, for your generosity in sharing your time and immense knowledge in the nutrition field in various forms. We are grateful to know you and for the services you provide so kindly. "
-- Elizabeth, W. & Winnie M., Gut Health, Gluten & Autoimmune Support Group Attendees
"Since working with Jaime my breathing is much better and I have more energy. She has good eye contact, a nice smile, and is very personable. I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle thanks to Jaime. Jaime, you are beyond awesome and you have made a huge difference in my life!!"
-- Rebella K., San Tan Valley, AZ
"After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I felt physically debilitated, very discouraged, depressed, helpless, and confused as to what I could eat. Jaime was able to zero in on my issues and offer concrete suggestions, sources of information and referrals for medical help. Jaime is fantastic, extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and helped me tremendously."
-- Nance H., Vero Beach, FL
"I have enjoyed all our times together for that is when I grow in knowledge and strength. I am feeling so much better now. Thank you!"
-- Glenda Y., Chandler, AZ
"Before I started working with Jaime I was completely off track due to a demanding work life and also at-home mommy demands. I lacked a plan and knowledge of how to eat and prepare proper meals. I also lacked the knowledge of how food affected my body. I required multiple cups of coffee to get through the day and would crash at 5 feeling exhausted. I also had trouble getting up in the morning.

Once I started the program, I started to understand how food affected my body and what the right foods and combination of foods were. Jaime was able to meet with me in multiple sessions and set a good pace with the delivery of information so as to not overwhelm me. Jaime also delivered a great quick prep food guide with many suggestions for each meal. This helped me plan my food for myself and my family for the week. Jaime also patiently reviewed each meal walking me through how to prepare them as I have never really given cooking a lot of attention. Shopping for the right food was also a challenge for me and an area where Jaime was able to make helpful suggestions. After a very short period of time I noticed a change in my energy level, in my peace of mind, and in my body composition. Eating the right foods helped me to not crash in the late afternoon and also helped me get out of bed more easily. Having a plan and focusing on eating right gave me a sense of peace knowing that I was focusing on it and as a happy added bonus my body composition improved.

Jaime is so incredibly full of information and has a passion for what she does. I consider her an expert in her field and have chosen to meet with her by phone even though I live in Rhode Island and she in Arizona as I believe that she is one of the best. It has been a pleasure working with her!"
-- Emily H., Lincoln, RI
"Before working with Jaime, my son has been experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After working with Jaime, my son's diarrhea issues have almost completely cleared up, he is sleeping better through the night and is not complaining of stomach pain. Jaime has been a pleasure to work with. She is so kind and considerate. She is willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She truly cares about her clients and you can feel it when you are with her."
-- Kamber M., Chandler, AZ
"When I began working with Jaime, my body and mind were cluttered, sluggish and exhausted.  Since working with Jaime, I have learned so much about what it takes to achieve basic good health for the body and mind.  We have worked together slowly and methodically to make changes in my life that better me every single day. Since working with Jaime I have lost 9 lbs on my journey but what I have gained is so much more important.  I am thinking clearly, I am sleeping better at night, my stomach is less bloated and I just feel good!"
-- Adana K., Phoenix, AZ
"I know for me, when I am eating gluten-free foods, I feel so much better, but I needed someone to guide me and get me on track in this area and giving me menu ideas. Jaime worked with me on a gluten-free diet, as well as a Candida diet, basically implementing a new way of eating, but ultimately working towards a goal of feeling better. It was a pleasure working with Jaime. I am feeling a lot better, and I feel that she has taught me how to select foods that bring down inflammation, which in turn gives me more energy, and I am not complaining of pains I once had.  I definitely recommend Jaime as a Health & Nutrition Coach."
-- Karen R., Chandler, AZ
"As a Naturopathic Physician I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jaime and her journey
to achieving natural health & healing. I think her work as a Health Coach is just wonderful and
very much needed. Jaime brings her inspiring personal experience, professional training and
support to every client she works with. I would recommend working with Jaime for anyone who
is trying to make healthy changes to their diet and their lifestyle."
-- Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD, Scottsdale, AZ  www.DrRamsey.com
"Jaime's program was just what I needed. With skyrocketing triglycerides and lots of bad
habits nothing was working. The ease, calmness, ability to review any time, and pace of the
program were perfect. It got me really reading labels, drinking more water and
gave me a lot more energy! This program is a must for anyone looking to get a nudge in the
right direction that lasts!"
-- Megan C., Suwanee, GA
"Thank you so much for this program. I truly learned a lot, and as a result I've made a lot of huge changes in my diet and that of my family's. Gluten-free is the WAY TO BE…Seriously, I never thought I’d say that. When I first heard Jaime speak I was very critical. I was thinking is she serious? What’s next, we can’t even drink water? But as I continued to listen to her and do my own research, I thought maybe she isn't just another one of those “health food nuts.” So when she offered to walk me step by step through her 7-week program, I thought, I can give her 7 weeks.  Those 7 weeks really changed me a lot! I have been slowly getting better about what I eat. I’d like to say I lost a ton of weight and have the perfect body, but that wasn't my goal. My goal was to have a healthy body. That I do feel I have now. The biggest change since I stopped the gluten has been my attitude. I don’t get angry as easily and when I am annoyed I have figured out how to calm myself down. Jaime also shared some great breathing tips to help me relax. I’ve stopped all artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, food colorings, additives, preservatives, and GMO’s, all with Jaime's guidance and help. It didn’t feel like a punishment, something I couldn’t do, or a huge restriction. She simply taught me how to crowd the bad things out with the good, and the good IS really yummy. I really appreciate the time and the knowledge. I feel healthier, I've had more energy, and a LOT less sugar crashes. Thank you, Jaime!"


-- Amanda G., Chandler, AZ

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jaime in my business to get the information out on managing Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity. She is an amazing person who is probably one of the kindest people I know. She is definitely knowledgeable on her topic and will bring a lot of much needed help to people's lives."
Dr. Jennifer Matthews of The Wellness Empire, Perth, Australia
"Jaime and I have been dear friends for almost 20 years. I can attest to her gentle, loving and nurturing personality. She has a beautiful spirit and is always an inspiration! So when my health, and my son’s health, started to decline a few years ago, I turned to Jaime for the answers that our physicians were lacking. We’ve been dairy-free for over 3 years now and gluten-free for almost a year. Who knew gluten and cheese were cross-reactive? Jaime did! Once we eliminated gluten from our diet my migraines disappeared, and my son’s severe eczema vanished! Thanks to Jaime for the fact that I’m no longer plagued with migraines!"
Nicole N., Chicago, IL

"When Jaime first told me that she was going to start health coaching I was very excited because she is always so positive and such a sweet person. I knew that I wanted her to be my health coach! Over the last several years, due to stress and depression, I had gained over 75lbs. I was almost 100lbs heavier than I was when I was 9 months pregnant. I had tried different programs, and I always rebounded back to being heavy. 


Jaime has been awesome in directing me towards healthy decisions! She has challenged me to keep goals and to question different diet modalities. Each time that we met she asked about the goals we had set and redirected me if need be. She has also shown concerns about other health issues besides diet and recommended that I see an ObGyn. She is definitely looking at the WHOLE picture of health and not just weight. Jaime is awesome at encouraging me to strive without being pushy. She is so knowledgeable about health and nutrition and she understands the mind/body connection with holding onto a 'protective layer'. 


Since working with Jaime, I have felt encouraged, inspired & loved and I have lost 30lbs! I am still losing my emotional weight and I feel that she has helped me break through so many barriers that I was never able to get through alone. She is GREAT and I recommend her highly!"
-- Cheryl U., Chandler, AZ
"Your talk was AMAZING and INSPIRING, Jaime. God has definitely gifted you in the area of speaking & encouraging women. Great job, and thank YOU!!!"
-- Lisa S., Women's Ministry Leader at Chandler Christian Church

"When I started Jaime’s online program I was looking for something that would make me feel better. I had several stomach issues including too much weight in mostly my stomach area and my stomach was constantly hurting because of what I ate. I learned skills in Jaime's program that I feel I can permanently maintain without effort and continue to enjoy seeing the changes and results. I am skeptical of many programs and not always a great follower of plans to get healthier, however I was very happy with the progress I made. Jaime’s program has a lot of great information, cost-conscious recipes and simple food ideas. You will not feel deprived of your old ways. I was very happy with the progress I made. If I can do it, anyone can!"

-- Barb C., Chandler, AZ
"This online program is awesome! I feel so much better! I’m sleeping better, have lost several pounds and I have more energy. When I do eat gluten, I feel horrible (bloated & tired). I'm feeling and becoming more aware of my body. I also like the food suggestions and all the helpful information you've provided for us."
-- Karen C., Chandler, AZ
"Jaime's Program is exciting! I know it will be a great tool to help many women." 
-- Joan C. Webb, Author/Speaker/Life Coach  www.JoanCWebb.com

"Jaime is a true professional. She cares deeply about people and is extremely knowledgable. I would highly recommend her as a Health & Nutrition Coach! You won't come across anyone finer."


-- Diane S., Scottsdale, AZ

“Jaime has extensive knowledge of the effects of gluten on those who are sensitive and how to adopt a
gluten-free diet. She’s a compassionate listener, and a leader in her field. Working with Jaime may be
the best decision you’ve made in a long time!”


-- Theresa R., MA, LMFT, Seattle, WA

"I have always been fairly health conscious. After being involved with Jaime's online program
I feel that I have become much more aware of how certain foods can have a positive or negative effect
on our health. I am much more label conscious and have learned many new ways to shop for and
prepare healthy menus. I feel that I have renewed energy and do not tire as easily. I am not as achy
and depressed. The program was just what I needed and Jaime is very kind, gracious and encouraging.
Thank you, Jaime!"
-- Barb D., Chandler, AZ
"Jaime, you did a great job on your presentation! It was interesting, well researched, and educational. I
learned a lot and am inspired to make changes. Thank you!!"
-- Lauri N., Chandler, AZ
“Jaime helped to lead a Bible study class I taught this past winter and contributed to the health aspect
of the study. While the study focused on what the Bible has to say about Faith and Food, we had some
discussion on making healthier choices in order to keep our bodies fit for Kingdom work. Jaime
shared some of her experiences and discussed what going gluten-free looked like. I enjoyed doing this
study with her as we were very much aligned when it comes to our health. She is passionate about
what she does and has a heart for helping people get healthier."
-- Carol E., Chandler, AZ
"I truly benefitted from Jaime's presentation and loved her gentle and kind spirit. Jaime’s sessions are
informative and motivating! Her personal experiences and her passion inspire her clients to make
healthy changes because they can see the results in her own life."
-- Amanda F.
"Since working with Jaime my hand and leg cramps have greatly improved. Jaime has taught me how to eat clean foods and avoid gluten. She even came to my house to teach me how to cook some of her favorite meals. Over the past year she has given me a lot of guidance and encouragement. I am extremely likely to recommend Jaime's Functional Nutrition Coaching services."
-- Carmen D., Scottsdale, AZ
"Jaime's presentation was very informative and well planned. She spoke confidently and with ease, so
it was very enjoyable to listen to. She is passionate about her work and truly loves
teaching and helping others. When asked questions she was always able to give educated answers and
teach us where we could seek out additional information. She used handouts, the white board, and
referenced books/websites to give us many sources to take with us and refer back to once at home. I
crave to learn about health and wellness to better my life and raise healthy kids, and everything Jaime
taught was eye-opening to say the least. Jaime is so caring, knowledgeable, and organized that
everyone will enjoy taking a program with her! She is very receptive to questions and will get you the
answers that you need to live a better life."
-- Suzanne F., Chandler, AZ
"I gained information about eating gluten-free as well as practical tips on how to do it healthy. The
information on overall healthy eating was also extremely helpful for me to work towards. I have
mastered the gluten-free eating, but just trying to make it healthier for my family. I like the philosophy
of looking at what can I eat rather than what I can't eat. Jaime has a lot of knowledge in this area of
gluten free healthy eating. She has a lot of practical advice and suggestions since
it is so overwhelming. She is perceptive and open to her audience about what areas they are interested
in. I like handouts and practical advice, as well as simple things to do. Then I feel like I have
something small that I can do immediately to accomplish something."
-- Leslee O., Chandler, AZ