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To best support you on your journey to overcoming your personal challenges with autoimmunity, I am here to walk with you step by step and give you the personalized support, guidance, and tools that will help you achieve your health goals.

If you are living with daily challenges of autoimmunity like fatigue, brain fog, digestion issues or unhealthy weight changes, I will provide you with the Clinical Nutrition and Health Coaching, from a Functional Medicine perspective, that can help you successfully restore your health from the root, finally feel like yourself again, and be able to live vibrantly even with autoimmunity!

Over the past 10 years, I have had the honor of working with 700+ amazing women (just like you!) and families, and I have helped them successfully overcome daily challenges of autoimmunity by implementing personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes, with results that include: 

  • better energy

  • problem-free digestion

  • clearer thinking

  • improved memory and concentration

  • a healthier weight

  • freedom from chronic pain

  • clearer skin

  • more restful sleep

  • improvements in lab markers

  • and in many cases, complete relief from their daily autoimmune challenges

To help you overcome your personal challenges with autoimmunity, and finally achieve the goals you have for your health, I provide personalized, one-on-one private Clinical Nutrition and Health Coaching services designed to help you:

  • Get clear on the diet and lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your goals

  • Successfully implement those diet and lifestyle changes into your every daily life

  • Identify and correct areas of imbalance in your body and in your life

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Support a healthy and balanced immune system

  • Naturally balance hormones

  • Support problem-free digestive health

  • Solve leaky gut once and for all

  • Restore the nutrients your body needs to function optimally

  • Honor all the ways you nourish your body beyond just the food you eat - your faith and spirituality, loving relationships, purposeful work, appropriate exercise, time in nature, and recovery from past emotional traumas.


I work with the patients of several different types of doctors from all over the world, including conventional physicians (MDs and DOs), Functional Medicine doctors, Integrative Medicine doctors, Chiropractors and Naturopathic physicians.

So, no matter which type of doctor you see, or where you live, I can help you achieve your health and wellness goals by providing personalized Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle interventions along with step-by-step health coaching so that you can successfully reach and maintain your health goals.


The work we do together does not take the place of the work you are doing with your doctor, rather, it can dramatically improve your results!


In fact, research shows that when a highly trained and experienced, Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach, like myself, is part of the health care team, people achieve better support and have better outcomes than working with a doctor alone (1,2).

This is exactly the way I work my clients, and I would be honored to work with you, too!


And, wherever you live we can work together because I meet with all of my clients remotely by either phone or video conference. 

Ready to learn more? >>> Book a Free 30-minute Introductory Call with Jaime Here.

I look forward to talking with you soon!



Jaime Ward, MS, INHC, CGP

Clinical Nutritionist

Board Certified Health Coach
Certified Gluten-free Practitioner

Autoimmune Survivor

“Working with Jaime has changed my life. I have lost 50 pounds and I finally have enough energy to manage a very demanding
full time job AND 8 year old
twin boys.” 


—  Jen M., Morton, IL


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