Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching for Living Vibrantly with Autoimmunity.

You CAN overcome the challenges of autoimmunity...I'll show you how!

Jaime Ward, INHC, CGP, CBIN
Your Personal Autoimmune Nutrition Coach

Meet Jaime


I'm Jaime Ward and I'm a Board Certified Functional & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Gluten Practitioner, a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition practitioner, and an autoimmune disease survivor.


As you may be experiencing right now, my journey struggling with autoimmunity was filled with countless moments of frustration, worry, confusion, and exhaustion. 


I used to be so tired I barely had enough energy to take care of my son. And I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to be the mom I wanted to be if I didn't get my energy back.


I struggled with many chronic symptoms for years that my doctors (...over 8 of them) blamed on stress until I finally learned I was suffering from an autoimmune condition.


But, along the way I always had faith that somehow I would get through those difficult moments, even though feeling good again seemed so far out of reach.

Now, I'm on a mission!

After I learned how to choose the right foods for my body, how to support my body's natural, God-given ability to heal, and was able to achieve good health again, I realized that I was not only on this journey for my own health, and for the health of my family, but also to help others, just like you, who are struggling like I was.

My mission is to help you overcome the challenges of your autoimmune condition, so that you can do the work you've been called to do...every day!


Since opening my practice in 2012, I have had the honor of working with over 600+ women, men, and families living with autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Celiac Disease, and IBD (Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis) and I have helped them successfully overcome the fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, weight and digestive problems associated with their autoimmune conditions.

Your Journey...

I would be honored to support you on your journey to overcoming autoimmunity and achieving amazing good health again! 

To learn more about how I can help you overcome your personal challenges with autoimmunity get started here!



“Working with Jaime has changed my life. I have lost 50 pounds and I finally have enough energy to manage a very demanding
full time job AND 8 year old
twin boys.” 


—  Jen M., Morton, IL