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We begin our journey with a
4-month One-On-One
Clinical Nutrition 

Are you ready to transform your health and live vibrantly?

To best support you on your journey to overcoming your personal challenges with autoimmunity, I am here to provide you with the best and most comprehensive one-on-one, personalized, step by step support, guidance, and proven clinical nutrition interventions to help you successfully achieve the goals you have for your health. And maintain them for a life time!

Whether you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Celiac Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis), Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or one of the other 100+ autoimmune diseases that have currently been identified, I'm here to walk with you step-by-step on your wellness journey, so that you can successfully regain your health, live vibrantly with autoimmunity and finally feel like yourself again. 

Over the past 10 years, I have had the honor of working with over 700+ amazing women and families living with autoimmunity just like you, and I have helped them to successfully overcome their persistent challenges and experience better energy, improved digestion, clearer thinking, better memory and concentration, a healthier weight, reduced chronic pain, clearer skin, more restful sleep, and in many cases, remission from their autoimmune symptoms.

To help you on your wellness journey, I offer One-On-One Private Clinical Nutrition services designed to help you:

  • Have more energy

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Support a strong and balanced immune system

  • Bring hormones into harmony

  • Clear brain-fog

  • Improve digestion

  • Solve leaky gut and restore gut health

  • Find a healthy weight

  • Reduce aches and pains

  • Replenish nutrients needed for optimal wellness

  • Find the least restrictive eating plan that still allows your body the opportunity to heal as it was designed to do and come back into balance naturally without feeling deprived. In my opinion, it's important that we get the nutrients we need from a variety of healthy foods first. Supplements are helpful, but are only intended to "supplement" a healthy diet, not replace it.

  • Honor all the ways that you nourish your body beyond the food you eat. Faith and spirituality, healthy loving relationships, purposeful work, appropriate exercise, time in nature, and recovery from past emotional traumas are all important components to our wellness journey.

  • Confidently make and sustain healthy changes in your life!


I work with the patients of many different types of top doctors across the country, including conventionally trained physicians, Functional Medicine doctors, Integrative Medicine doctors, and Naturopathic physicians.

So, regardless of which type of doctor you see, I can help you on your health and wellness journey.


The work we do together does not take the place of the work you are doing with your doctor, rather, it is designed to dramatically improve the results you achieve!

Your Journey Begins with a 4-month One-On-One
Personalized Clinical 
Nutrition Program...

  • This program is designed to give you the personalized support, guidance, education and tools needed to begin overcoming your personal health challenges and get on the right path for achieving your long-term wellness goals. 

  • Your program will be customized according to your personal goals and preferences, and is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools that will help you get clear on the steps, and the changes, that will help you the most, while providing you with step by step support and guidance, so you can successfully sustain the progress you've made during this program for a lifetime!

Your program includes...

  • One 75-minute Clinical Nutrition Initial Consultation with Personalized HealthSuccess Plan with Jaime by phone or video conference. We will review your health history, the goals you have for your health, identify root causes and key areas of imbalance to support, discuss lab testing, dietary changes and supplements. Then, I will create a personalized HealthSuccess Plan for you so that you know exactly what steps to take to reach the goals you have for your health.

  • One 1-hour Functional Specialty Lab Review Session with Jaime by phone to discuss an in-depth review of your Functional Specialty Lab Testing, how this pertains to your health, and a plan of action moving forward so you have a clear and confident path for successfully achieving the goals you have for your health.

  • Six 45-minute Private Clinical Nutrition Coaching Sessions with Jaime by phone to provide you with the consistent, step-by-step, personalized support and guidance needed to implement the changes we've discussed, overcome obstacles, celebrate victories, and help you stay on course so that you can successfully achieve your goals.

  • Personalized professional grade supplement guidance. High quality, professional-grade supplements are very helpful for supporting our health. Selecting the right supplements can help us more quickly and effectively achieve our wellness goals. We will discuss which supplements may or may not be helpful during our one-on-one sessions. The cost of supplements are not included in this program, however all of my clients receive access to professional-grade supplements through my private Fullscript store at a discounted rate.

  • Discounted access to the highest quality Specialty Functional Lab Testing. Specialty lab testing is available to all my clients at a discounted rate. This type of testing is typically not offered by conventional healthcare practitioners, and provides insight into many areas of potential imbalance including nutritional status, gut health, antioxidant function, immune resilience, inflammation, and detoxification. We will discuss which specialty labs will provide the best insight for reaching your health goals during our Initial Consultation.

  • Unlimited support via text and email with Jaime between our sessions to ensure you get the help you need, and answers to your questions, when you need it.​

  • Lifetime subscription to your very own personalized online cookbook with hundreds of delicious, easy to make healthy recipes created by a natural foods chef. We will also discuss convenience cooking strategies, and prepared meal delivery service options, along with meal planning strategies that fit your schedule even if you don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

  • Lifetime access to my online eCourse: The Faith, Love and Real Food Workshop. This workshop is designed to give you educational guidance for overcoming the common challenges of autoimmunity. This online course includes: Nine recorded modules accessed through your own private online portal. Modules are led by Jaime with high quality slide and audio presentation PLUS handouts for you to download and keep. Weekly emails with specific action steps and educational handouts to support your knowledge, and a Program Workbook and Daily Health Journal to track your progress.

  • My personal commitment to your success every step of the way!

4-month One-On-One
Personalized Nutrition 
Program with Jaime


For a total of 4 monthly Installments.

Payment is safely and securely processed by PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted.

If you do not want to pay with a PayPal account, simply select the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button after clicking the "Enroll Now" button above. HSA, FSA and CareCredit are not currently accepted by PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted.

I understand this is a big step and I'm happy to answer all of your questions.
Click here to Book a Free 30-minute Introductory Phone Call with Jaime Here.

I look forward to talking with you soon!



Jaime Ward, MS, INHC, CGP

Clinical Nutritionist

Board Certified Health Coach

Certified Gluten-free Practitioner

Autoimmune Survivor

“Working with Jaime has changed my life. I have lost 50 pounds and I finally have enough energy to manage a very demanding
full time job AND 8 year old
twin boys.” 


—  Jen M., Morton, IL


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